Australian owned and operated, Aura Therapeutics is a trusted supplier of the highest quality Medical Cannabis products.

About Us

We combine years of cannabis expertise with rigorous pharmaceutical processes to deliver an innovative range of cannabis medicines. Grounded in the therapeutic benefits of plant medicine, we’re dedicated to delivering efficacious treatments for Australian patients.  

Working closely with healthcare practitioners around the country, and assisting new prescribers in the potential therapeutic benefits of plant-based treatment options for a variety of health concerns. 

Prioritising patient care, quality, consistency and ongoing innovation, our mission is to carefully curate and deliver premium cannabis medicines for Australian patients.  

Our team is here to provide guidance on prescribing, sourcing and dispensing plant medicines, alongside navigating any state regulations that may apply.

Why the change from Endoca to Aura Therapeutics?

We’ve transitioned from Endoca to Aura Therapeutics to better cater to the needs of our Australian patients. In the past we primarily focused on CBD products, whereas now, Aura Therapeutics offers a comprehensive selection, including Oil, Flower, Vapes, and Soft Chews, ensuring a more tailored approach to your well-being.

Has the company's mission or focus changed?

No, our rebranding underscores our unwavering commitment to providing the highest quality medical cannabis products. We’ve expanded our portfolio to include a variety of options while maintaining the same dedication to quality that you’ve come to expect.

Does the rebrand impact product consistency?

The rebranding doesn’t compromise the consistency or quality of our medicinal cannabis products. We uphold rigorous standards in formulations and production processes, ensuring the reliability and effectiveness that you and your healthcare provider expect.

Have there been changes in formulations or production processes?

Rest assured; the quality of our formulations has been further refined compared to our initial iteration. Our oils boast a full spectrum profile, rich with minor cannabinoids and original plant terpenes.

Will the rebrand affect existing prescriptions?

For those with existing prescriptions for products, the transition to Aura Therapeutics is designed to be seamless.

Do I need to update prescriptions or treatment plans?

Yes, script adjustments are required for your next AURA therapeutics prescriptions, depending on which state you reside in. See below for more details, please note for states where script substitutions are allowed, it is advised that your next prescription be written for AURA therapeutics.

How can I be informed about the rebrand?

Stay informed by visiting our FAQ page where we will continue to update patients with the latest information about our products. Your healthcare provider has the latest resources and materials to assist you with any questions throughout this period.

Will I experience disruptions in access to medicinal cannabis products?

Your access to our medicinal cannabis products will not be disrupted during the rebranding process. We’re working closely with our distribution channels to minimise any potential impact, ensuring you continue to have uninterrupted access to the same high-quality products.

How can I reach out to the Aura Therapeutics Team?

We’re here to answer any questions you may have. You can contact our dedicated support team through the following channels:


As part of our offering, we provide assistance with sourcing and white labelling of prominent plant medicines. Please contact us for more information.