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At Aura Therapeutics, we’re dedicated to supporting you with plant medicines to best support your individual health concerns. With a strong belief in the healing potential of cannabinoids we’re here to assist you throughout your plant medicine journey and help connect you with a health care practitioner.

Applicable Health Concerns

Plant medicine has been approved for patients with a variety of conditions by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. As there is no approved or official list of treatable conditions, it is at the discretion of your healthcare practitioner to determine if it is the best treatment for you. Visit the Therapeutic Goods Administration website for more information.

Talking to Your GP about Medical Cannabis

Considering plant medicine? Our team can provide education resources and information to your general practitioner regarding our products and how they may improve your individual health concerns. For more information, contact us using the below form.

Accessing Medicinal Cannabis

To see if you are eligible for plant medicine, consult with your General Practitioner, an Approved Prescriber, or a prescribing Nurse Practitioner. We can help connect you with suitable healthcare practitioners. For more information, contact us using the below form.

Alternatively, you can apply for a consultation with a specialised cannabis clinic by clicking below.

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